Jim Doblin, producer

About Jim Doblin

Jim Doblin's history with VNI Television began three decades ago in a Topeka, Kansas newsroom where he mentored and guided VNI President Russ Ptacek when he was a college intern.  

What Ptacek learned, he used as an investigative reporter when he began working for national and international news organizations as a young reporter.  Doblin left local news to join Ptacek at his first company, NewsTV Corporation, where Doblin served as executive producer.  Doblin joined Ptacek again with the founding of VNI Television in Washington, D.C.  

Doblin has a rich body of work including investigative, feature, agriculture and breaking news as a network producer and as executive producer at NewsTV Corporation.  In addition to his work at VNI Television, Doblin works as a freelance producer out of Jim Doblin Productions in Topeka, KS at jimdoblin.com.